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Genuine Bosch Neff Siemens Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket. 479459

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Discount Appliance Spares.

Quality Replacement Appliance Parts from Stock

A very large percentage of our parts are genuine manufacturer’s parts 

This Washing Machine Fits Model No’s:-


WAS28466GB/09, WIS20460EE/18, WIS24140EU/13, WIS24140OE/06, WIS20160EE/06, WIS20460EE/20, WIS24140EU/14, WIS24140OE/07, WIS20160EE/07, WIS24120FF/06, WIS24140EU/18, WIS24140OE/13, WIS20160EE/13, WIS24120FF/07, WIS24140EU/20, WIS24140OE/14, WIS20160EE/14, WIS24120FF/13, WIS24140GB/06, WIS24140OE/18, WIS20160EE/18, WIS24120FF/14, WIS24140GB/07, WIS24140OE/20, WIS20160EE/20, WIS24120FF/18, WIS24140GB/13, WIS24460EE/07, WIS20460EE/07, WIS24120FF/20, WIS24140GB/14, WIS24460EE/13, WIS20460EE/13, WIS24140EU/06, WIS24140GB/18, WIS24460EE/14, WIS20460EE/14, WIS24140EU/07, WIS24140GB/20, WIS24460EE/18, WIS24460EE/20, WIS28440EE/13, WIS28440EU/18, WIS28440GB/20, WIS28440/07, WIS28440EE/14, WIS28440EU/20, WIS28440OE/06, WIS28440/13, WIS28440EE/18, WIS28440GB/06, WIS28440OE/07, WIS28440/14, WIS28440EE/20, WIS28440GB/07, WIS28440OE/13, WIS28440/18, WIS28440EU/07, WIS28440GB/13, WIS28440OE/14, WIS28440/20, WIS28440EU/13, WIS28440GB/14, WIS28440OE/18, WIS28440EE/07, WIS28440EU/14, WIS28440GB/18, WIS28440OE/20 Neff W5420X0EU/07, W5420X0FF/18, W5440X0/07, W5440X0EE/18, W5420X0EU/13, W5420X0FF/20, W5440X0/13, W5440X0EE/20, W5420X0EU/14, W5420X0GB/06, W5440X0/14, W5440X0GB/06, W5420X0EU/18, W5420X0GB/07, W5440X0/18, W5440X0GB/07, W5420X0EU/20, W5420X0GB/13, W5440X0/20, W5440X0GB/13, W5420X0FF/06, W5420X0GB/14, W5440X0EE/07, W5440X0GB/14, W5420X0FF/07, W5420X0GB/18, W5440X0EE/13, W5440X0GB/18, W5420X0FF/13, W5420X0GB/20, W5440X0EE/14, W5440X0GB/20, W5420X0FF/14 


W5420X0EU/07, W5420X0EU/13, W5420X0EU/14, W5420X0EU/18, W5420X0EU/20, W5420X0EU/26, W5420X0EU/27, W5420X0EU/30, W5420X0EU/32, W5420X0EU/40, W5420X0GB/06, W5420X0GB/07, W5420X0GB/13, W5420X0GB/14, W5420X0GB/18, W5420X0GB/20, W5420X0GB/26, W5420X0GB/27, W5420X0GB/30, W5420X0GB/32, W5420X0GB/40, W5440X0/07, W5440X0/13, W5440X0/14, W5440X0/18, W5440X0/20, W5440X0/26, W5440X0/27, W5440X0/30, W5440X0/32, W5440X0/40, W5440X0EE/07, W5440X0EE/13, W5440X0EE/14, W5440X0EE/18, W5440X0EE/20, W5440X0EE/26, W5440X0EE/27, W5440X0EE/30, W5440X0EE/32, W5440X0EE/40, W5440X0GB/06, W5440X0GB/07, W5440X0GB/13, W5440X0GB/14, W5440X0GB/18, W5440X0GB/20, W5440X0GB/26, W5440X0GB/27, W5440X0GB/30, W5440X0GB/32, W5440X0GB/40, W5440X0OE/30, 


WI12S140GB/06, WI12S140GB/07, WI12S140GB/13, WI12S140GB/14, WI12S140GB/18, WI12S140GB/20, WI12S140GB/26, WI12S140GB/27, WI12S140GB/30, WI12S140GB/32, WI12S140GB/40, WI14S440/07, WI14S440/13, WI14S440/14, WI14S440/18, WI14S440/20, WI14S440/26, WI14S440/27, WI14S440/30, WI14S440/32, WI14S440/40, WI14S440EE/07, WI14S440EE/13, WI14S440EE/14, WI14S440EE/18, WI14S440EE/20, WI14S440EU/07, WI14S440EU/13, WI14S440EU/14, WI14S440EU/18, WI14S440EU/20, WI14S440EU/26, WI14S440EU/27, WI14S440EU/30, WI14S440EU/32, WI14S440EU/40, WI14S440GB/06, WI14S440GB/07, WI14S440GB/13, WI14S440GB/14, WI14S440GB/18, WI14S440GB/20, WI14S440GB/26, WI14S440GB/27, WI14S440GB/30, WI14S440GB/32, WI14S440GB/40, WI14S440OE/06, WI14S440OE/07, WI14S440OE/13, WI14S440OE/14, WI14S440OE/18, WI14S440OE/20, WI14S440OE/26, WI14S440OE/27, WI14S440OE/30,

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